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Author: HealthFirst

Getting Fit For The Ski Season!

Are those first few days on the slopes usually rather uncomfortable ones with aching thighs and muscles over the following mornings? Is getting fit for the ski season something that you aim to do every year but you just run out of time? If you…

Duck Fleas

“Duck fleas” – the Lake Leman pest Dr Michelle talks us through these pesky parasites and shares precautions to take when swimming to help avoid problems.


Swiss snake bites – what to do if you are bitten There are two poisonous snakes in Switzerland – the Asp Viper and the Common Adder. Between 10 and 20 people are bitten by one of these snakes each year. Dr Michelle talks to us…

The Chain Of Survival

What is the significance of those five red circles?  And why are we talking about it? This is the ‘Chain of Survival’ – created by Mary Newman, president of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, who published this concept in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services…

Hayfever Podcast

Are you amongst the 15-20% of the Swiss population who suffer from hay fever? Take a listen to Dr Michelle talking about this seasonal problem.


Dr Michelle talks about chickenpox including chickenpox parties, getting chickenpox as an adult and more.

Talking To Your Children About Sex

How many of you are squirming a bit just from reading the title of this article? Be assured that it is quite normal to feel awkward and embarrassed when it comes to talking to your kids about growing up, how their bodies are changing, and…