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World Aids Day is marked on 1st December every year. In light of this, Dr Michelle brings us the first in a series of shows on HIV/AIDS, here looking at some of the latest statistics and reminding us about transmission and symptoms


Dr Michelle brings us part 2 in her mini-series around HIV/AIDS – in this show, she talks about HIV testing and the various test options available.

Beware of stinging Insects

Beware of stinging insects! Enjoy your al fresco summer dining safe in the knowledge of what to do if those bees or wasps attack. In this podcast, Dr Michelle explains all.

Echo112 – The lifesaving mobile phone app

Dr Michelle gives us an update on developments with the Echo112 Pocket Lifesaver mobile phone App. She also describes a new App launched by the same company: the Echo112 First Responder App. This new App helps to locate available First Responders in the vicinity and…

Pregnancy Care Part 4 by Midwife Polly Pupulin

Top Tips for Expectant Parents In this final part of the series on preparing for the birth of your new baby in Switzerland, midwife Polly Pupulin talks to Dr Michelle about her top tips for expectant parents. More details on Polly’s Birth Preparation classes in…

Pregnancy Care Part 3 by Midwife Polly Pupulin

The third in a series of 4 podcasts helping expectant parents get ready for their new arrival. This time, Dr Michelle discusses breast feeding with Midwife Polly Pupulin. For more information about International Lactation and Breastfeeding consultants: http://www.ilca.org/home For more information about the La Leche League: http://www.llli.org/…