Tetanus – The Lowdown

Dr Michelle looks at how you can catch tetanus, its symptoms and how often you should be vaccinated against it. Disclaimer: Click here to read our full disclaimer.

Asparagus Season….

Dr Michelle explains all about asparagus including why your pee smells after you’ve eaten it and the health benefits of this vegetable. Disclaimer: Click here to read our full disclaimer.


Dr Michelle Wright explains all about fainting – the First Aid that we should carry out and the differences between common fainting and something more serious.

Duck Fleas

“Duck fleas” – the Lake Leman pest Dr Michelle talks us through these pesky parasites and shares precautions to take when swimming to help avoid problems.


Swiss snake bites – what to do if you are bitten There are two poisonous snakes in Switzerland – the Asp Viper and the Common Adder. Between 10 and 20 people are bitten by one of these snakes each year. Dr Michelle talks to us…

Hayfever Podcast

Are you amongst the 15-20% of the Swiss population who suffer from hay fever? Take a listen to Dr Michelle talking about this seasonal problem.