ensa Mental Health First Aid courses

HealthFirst are now providing certified ensa Mental Health First Aid courses in English throughout Switzerland.

Why ensa Mental Health First Aid?

One in every two people in Switzerland will suffer from a mental illness at some point in their life. In addition, almost everyone knows someone around them who is mentally unwell or who has ongoing mental health issues.

Even though mental health issues are common, many people are not well informed about how to recognise them, how to respond to an affected person, or about the treatments available. Plenty of myths and misconceptions exist around mental illness resulting in widespread stigmatisation.

The well-validated, evidence-based ensa Mental Health First Aid programme teaches relatives, friends or work colleagues to provide First Aid in the event of psychological problems. Instead of waiting for someone else to deal with the issue – usually much too late – course participants learn to recognise problems in time, approach people and offer help.

Several randomized controlled trials have shown that Mental Health First Aid training not only improves a participant’s knowledge of mental illness but also reduces their stigmatizing behaviour towards others and increases their self-confidence in their ability to help those in need. In addition, it also strengthens the individual’s own mental wellbeing.

What the training involves

During 12-hours of training, ideally split into 4 x 3½ hour modules, future Mental Health First Aiders will gain a basic knowledge of common mental illnesses affecting adults including depression, anxiety, psychosis and alcohol or other substance misuse. They will learn how to proactively approach a person in mental distress, aiming to offer support before a crisis develops. Concrete Mental Health First Aid measures for ongoing problems and crises are discussed and practiced.

Throughout the training, suitable for anyone aged 18 and over, the social stigmas that exist around mental health are addressed by increasing awareness of the fact that mental health difficulties can happen to anyone at any time.

ensa Mental Health First Aid courses for companies, NGOs and organisations

We organise in-house training courses for up to 20 participants for companies, NGOs and other organisations. Please email barbara@healthfirst.ch for further information.

Public ensa Mental Health First Aid courses

Our next public course in Geneva starts will be on Thursday 27th January, Friday 28th January, Tuesday 3rd February and Wednesday 4th February 2020.

Our next public course in Zug will be on Monday 2nd March, Tuesday 3rd March, Monday 9th March and Tuesday 10th March 2020.

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Please email barbara@healthfirst.ch for any questions or further information.