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First Aid for Child Injuries

First Aid for Child Injuries - courses and classes in Switzerland

First Aid for Child Injuries

This course is packed with practical advice, hands-on training, lively discussions and lots of information. Along with other topics, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to deal with burns, scalds and electrocution.
  • Understand the importance of head injuries in children and what to do.
  • Practice how to deal with major bleeding and more minor cuts, grazes and nosebleeds.
  • Practice the First Aid for broken bones and sprains.
  • Learn about accidental poisoning and what number to call for expert advice.
  • Discuss what you should have in your First Aid Kit and how to use it.

Course duration: 3½ hours

Course certification: HealthFirst Certificate of Attendance in First Aid for Child Injuries (valid for 2 years)

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