Health Education Seminars

Health Education Seminars HealthFirst in Switzerland

Health Education Seminars

Dr Michelle Wright, an experienced medical journalist and radio broadcaster, shares her passion for health education and disease prevention via a series of engaging and informative seminars. Popular seminars include:

“Your heart; Your Life: Tips for heart disease prevention”

A 90 minute interactive seminar about cardiovascular disease and how to prevent it. This seminar will enable participants to:

  • Learn about the risk factors for cardiovascular disease (the world’s biggest killer);
  • Receive practical tips on how to reduce personal risk factors;
  • Understand the typical symptoms of a heart attack and stroke;
  • Know what to do if a heart attack or stroke is suspected.
  • Have an introduction to Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Adults.

“International Arrivals: Your Health in Switzerland”

A 90 minute interactive seminar addressing pertinent topics such as:

  • When and how to call the Emergency Services in Switzerland.
  • Which potentially life-saving phone apps to download now!
  • Important English-French/English-German medical phrases.
  • An introduction to the local health-care system and how Swiss health insurance works.
  • Accessing hospitals and clinics and finding a doctor in your local area.
  • Anglophone health-related resources and support groups.
  • Swiss-specific health issues including ticks, duck fleas and marching caterpillars.

Other seminar options

Dr Michelle and her team of experts offer a wide portfolio of seminars including Women’s Health, Resilience Building, Mindfulness and Sleep for Maximum Performance. All seminars are tailored to the audience concerned.

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