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Health Screening Assessments

Health Screening Assessments for Companies and Organisations

Health Screening Assessments

In Switzerland, cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes are one of the primary causes of incapacity to work, permanent disability and death.

Dr Michelle Wright, our experienced British-trained General Practitioner, leads the bilingual (English/French) Health Screening Assessment Team of doctors and nurses. They focus on cardiovascular disease prevention over one or more days in your workplace.

Each employee benefits from a personalised 30 minute consultation which will include:

  • Measurement/calculation of:
    • Weight and height
    • Body mass index
    • Waist circumference
    • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol profile blood testing
  • Glucose and/or HBA1c blood testing
  • Explanation of their results by a doctor or nurse specialist
  • Concise lifestyle analysis by a doctor or nurse specialist including diet, physical activity levels, smoking status and alcohol consumption.
  • Calculation of the individual’s cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Targeted advice for lifestyle behavioral change.

Each employee will take away with them:

  • A copy of their assessment results.
  • Health information leaflets targeting their specific needs.

After the Health Screening Assessment day(s), you will receive an anonymised report presenting the health status of your employees. This will include an analysis of each health parameter measured plus realistic health promoting recommendations for your company or organisation to implement.

Please note this is a screening and not a diagnostic or treatment service. If the doctor or nurse specialist recommends that further intervention is required, employees will be advised to consult their usual treating doctor for further assessment.
The information collected and results obtained is strictly confidential. HealthFirst will take all measures possible to ensure confidentiality of employee health information.

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