How To Save A Choking Baby

By Penny Fraser

Take a look at this video from St John’s Ambulance, a First Aid charity in the UK. Watch for the jellybaby played by Johnny Vegas, turning from blue to red as he gets saved by the back blows.


It is such an important skill to know – one of the reasons why we run our first aid courses at HealthFirst.

Here are two (genuine) testimonials of how these kids’ lives were saved after a course:

“After doing the course when my son was born, 5 years later this summer, I found myself having to prevent my son from choking …seriously, it was a scary business … but thanks to this course, I reacted instinctively and that made the difference.”

“I attended this course when my first son was only a few weeks old. We have since had our second son who will be 10 months old this week and I recently had to deal with a very scary choking incident. He couldn’t breathe and started to turn very pale. I sprang into action and carried out the simple manoeuvre on my then 8 month old and consequently the piece of apple blocking his throat popped out.

I only knew what to do as a direct result of attending this course. Goodness knows what the outcome may have been had I not been shown what to do by Dr Michelle and her colleague. I encourage everyone to do this course – it could save your little ones life!”

Here are the courses where you too can get trained and ready this Spring:

Click here for the CPR Babies & Children course

Click here for the CPR for All course

Can’t come to us? We can come to you. Click here to find out more about You and Your Group

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